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Announced today: and Intuit's Partnership Extension Integrates Full Application into QuickBooks Online Advanced

Josh Goines, SVP, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for a solution to help reduce burdensome manual processes and increase productivity on their path to growth and success. That is why is pleased to announce that we are extending our long-standing partnership with Intuit Inc, the makers of QuickBooksTurboTax and Mint, to add advanced bill payment and workflow automation capabilities for QuickBooks Online Advanced (QBOAV) customers as part of Intuit’s application ecosystem.

As more mid-sized businesses shift to cloud-based financial solutions that offer ease-of-use and affordability, they will need a richer set of features to keep pace with the complexities of their business. QBOAV is designed for growing mid-sized businesses who need a robust, customizable solution.

The easy-to-use, automated and integrated solution provides a number of key benefits to meet mid-sized businesses on their growth journey.

Benefits include

  • Improved efficiencies in their current payables process

  • Increased control of their cash flow

  • Increased productivity

  • The ability to streamline payments and associated workflows

  • Support for advanced collaboration

  • Expanded coverage for cross-border payments

  • Increased collaboration for the users’ partners

Of the partnership, Intuit QuickBooks Mid-Market Vice President Kelly Vincent says, “Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we bring solutions to our mid-market customers that help them prosper. Given the history of success we’ve had working with, they are a key partner in helping our small business customers succeed and better manage their cash flow. We look forward to this continued partnership as we bring an easy-to-use, centralized solution to existing mid-market customers and prospects.” and QuickBooks have a successful history of helping small businesses on their growth journeys and the joint focus of both our companies on the mid-market is the next logical step in bringing a combined solution to QBOAV customers.

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Starting August 17, and Intuit will be offering a three-month subscription-free promotion to QBOAV customers signing up for, running through November 20. Learn more about our partnership extension and promotion.


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