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Case Study: Why this Company Made the Switch from Concur to

Tanya Roberts, VP of Marketing

When it comes to running a small business, time is money. Spending precious hours on business bill pay is a luxury that many growing businesses can’t afford. Digital payment options are supposed to ease the burden. Unfortunately, not all accounts payable software solutions are created equal. customer Honest Paws found that out the hard way.

For three weeks, Honest Paws was using the SAP Concur platform to handle its automated payments. In that short period of time, the company found themselves spending 20 hours each week on accounts payable and knew something needed to change. Honest Paws made the switch to and saw that processing time drop to just two hours per week.

One Company’s Experience with Small Business Payments Through Concur

Honest Paws, owned by Altva Inc., is a healthcare company that connects therapists and patients in need of support animals. As an online retailer of pet-related products, the company conducts most of its business via e-commerce, including direct-to-consumer and Amazon sales. Honest Paws was juggling several lines of business, each with their own sets of bills, and struggling to find an automated payments solution that would allow them to efficiently handle their payment approvals while offering sufficient visibility into the process and their expenses associated with bill processing.

Honest Paws initially used SAP Concur after finding it through a QuickBooks vendor search. Rolling it out came with sizeable challenges. The platform took 50 hours to implement, and an additional 30 hours to work properly. After it was up and running, Honest Paws was disappointed with the lack of visibility into their payments, as well as the integration problems between Concur and QuickBooks. Bills weren’t automatically uploaded, and some were lost in the process. The company ultimately had to recheck everything manually to see if bills had been paid.

After just three weeks, Honest Paws realized that they were spending 20 hours a week on processing automated payments and that something had to change.

Making the Switch to

In search of a better way to handle business bill pay, Honest Paws found and was immediately sold. They set up an account that same day, with none of the implementation problems they’d had with Concur. All of the company’s employees logged in easily, and each was able to approve his or her bills in one minute.

With, Atlva and Honest Paws are spending on average two hours a week on processing automated payments. That’s a drastic reduction from the 20 hours a week it took them to do the same work on Concur – time that can be put to much more valuable business purposes.

In addition to simply being faster, has allowed Honest Paws to create better workflows and have better visibility into their automated payment processes. integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, allowing Honest Paws to quickly and easily see which payments have approved, when, and by whom – all in a click. Approval rules were easy to set up and syncing between QuickBooks and was instantaneous. As Honest Paws quickly learned, accounts payable software doesn’t get any more efficient or user-friendly. Is a Leader in Business Bill Pay

Small business payments can make or break a company. Automated payments should save your company time and money, not add hours of work and extra expense. When it comes to digital payment options, you have a choice. offers some of the most advanced payment tools for small and medium sized businesses available on the market today. Its efficient and intuitive solutions will help you save time and money in the automated payments process, so you can focus on growing your business and boosting your profitability. Start a risk-free trial today to see why is the answer for all your accounts payable software needs.


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