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Introducing Two New Features to Further Simplify Bill Creation

Kelly Kipkalov, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Simplify your payments process. That’s our goal in a nutshell. And one of the ways we help you simplify is with the Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). Now, with two new features, IVA has gotten even smarter, to help you save even more time and be more efficient.

How does IVA work?

In short, IVA is artificial intelligence (AI) that is built into the platform. With IVA, the bill creation process starts as soon as an invoice hits your inbox. In seconds, IVA captures relevant invoice information to help you expedite the bill management process.

IVA doesn’t just extract information, it understands it. And because of this deeper level of understanding and responsiveness, IVA gets smarter over time, continuously getting faster and better at recognizing different invoice formats, so it can extract data with greater and greater accuracy.

Two new IVA features to speed up bill creation

Now, IVA has two new features to help you import and create bills even faster. Allow us to introduce you to your new best friends: auto-separating multipage documents and 1-click to save bills.

Auto-separate multipage documents into individual bills

Take bill creation to the next level!

With this feature, IVA takes multipage documents that have been imported into your inbox, detects individual bills, and then automatically splits the document into these individual bills.

Let’s see an example of this in action: You receive an 8-page document with invoices from multiple vendors. Historically, you’d need to manually organize all the invoices, separate them, and then individually code them, one by one. But with the auto-separate feature, all you have to do is upload the full 8-page document and it will automatically be separated into individual invoices—no manual splitting required.

Save bills with just one click

Introducing your new “1-click wonder.”

With the 1-click feature, you can save suggested bills with (you guessed it…!) just one click, right from your inbox. IVA will show you the detected details from your suggested bill in a preview screen. From here, you can choose to save as is with just one click. Or, if needed, you can easily make any necessary edits to update any fields within the bill and then save. 1-click reduces the number of steps required to save bills, offering you the ability to save directly from your inbox with no extra steps.

Easier invoicing with

Is there anyone out there who loves data entry? We all know it’s a tedious time suck. Fortunately, these two new IVA features provide you with more opportunities to reduce data entry and streamline the bill creation process, leaving you with more time to focus on other tasks and mission-critical work.

Leverage IVA--now with new auto-separate and 1-click features--to work smarter, not harder.

If you’re a current customer, these features are already available. Learn more about IVA in our FAQ.

Not yet a customer? These two new IVA features are just two more reasons to give a try. Sign up now for a trial.