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Turbocharge Your Back Office Tech Stack by Integrating with

Abhishek Sinha, Principal Product Manager

If you’re like most business and accounting professionals in today’s digital age, you have an arsenal of back office software and apps that you’ve come to know and love. There’s no doubt these innovations make lives easier—you probably couldn’t imagine working without them. But what if someone said you could take all your favorite apps and make them even better?

Integrating with allows you to do just that. By partnering your finance and accounting apps with, you get to keep all the things you love about them and gain all the benefits of digital business payments and automation. You save more time, get more organized, eliminate more paper, and ultimately have more control of your AP and AR.

How is that possible? It’s all about integration.

The Power of Integration Through

Over three million users have enjoyed the ability to pay and get paid quickly by using But we realize that running a successful business requires more than just convenient payments. That’s why integrates with many of the top financial tools on the market, allowing you to create an automation powerhouse to handle all your accounting tasks.

Partnering with the other tools you use ensures that you have accurate, real-time information across all systems because you’re able to eliminate manual data input and the errors that come with that dreaded double data entry. You also increase your overall efficiency and free staff up to work on more valuable tasks.

Simply put, allows you to do more with fewer resources. Who doesn’t want that?

Key Integrations seamlessly integrates with many of the best-in-class accounting technologies on the market. From ERP to expense management and beyond, partners with the tools you already use to make your life even easier.

  • QuickBooks

    QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software choices on the market. offers seamless through automatic syncing between the two tools, ensures that all your crucial information is always up-to-date and accurate in QuickBooks whenever you make or receive a payment. When you marry QuickBooks with, you get more transparency and easier management, thanks to features like payment reminders and tracking, customized approval workflows, and complete audit trails.

  • Xero also seamlessly the accounting software choice of many small and medium-sized businesses. Integration boosts efficiency by allowing you to pay bills electronically (or via check that will mail for you), with all payments recorded and automatically synced to Xero. The integration gives you fast and easy payment reconciliation and a convenient digital audit trail.

  • Oracle NetSuite seamlessly to streamline your payment process, improve productivity, and reduce data entry errors. It picks up where NetSuite leaves off, automating your entire AP/AR. The active sync allows the two systems to automatically work as one, eliminating double data entry and improving the accuracy of your records.

  • Sage Intacct, the popular cloud-based accounting system, to automate your payables and handle all your bills online, no paperwork required. All your information is synced between and Intacct, with no additional data entry. Even better, you get automated audit trails and unlimited document storage.

  • Expensify

    Because it offers a convenient way to track expenses and receipts on the go, the Expensify app has become extremely popular with busy professionals, especially those who travel a lot. allowing you to easily submit and review expenses, approve reimbursements, and generate real-time expense reports, all online.

  • Tallie

    Tallie is another popular tool for submitting expenses and generating expense reports. to automatically create bills from your expense reports and allow you to quickly and easily reimburse your employees and pay your credit card vendors.

  • Hubdoc

    Even if you’ve gone paperless, it’s still crucial to have all your documents organized and in one place. Hubdoc is popular for its ability to fetch documents across multiple electronic sources and compile them. You can create an automated workflow for all your bills, fetching bills from emails and other systems, extracting the key information, and automatically pushing it into with the document attached.


    Plenty of small and mid-size businesses work with contractors, which means filing 1099s come tax time. makes e-filing your 1099s. You’ll get two-way communication between the two powerful tools, as well as the ability to set up 1099 vendors and view, edit, submit, and store forms, all perfectly synced between the two systems.

  • Earth Class Mail

    Though we live in a digital world, some vendors and contacts still prefer good old-fashioned snail mail. to scan and deliver your postal mail directly to your inbox, with the option to store, ship, shred, or recycle the original paper copy. You also get a P.O. box for your business contacts to use. It’s the perfect way to get all your mail without ever having to handle a piece of paper.

  • Customize integration

    Do you have a platform not listed above that you want to integrate?  You can also connect with through our to access everything you need to send and receive payments. Simply to join the Developer Program is about more than just convenient digital business payments. By integrating with the market’s top accounting and business tools, is a key component in building the perfect tech stack. Sign up for a risk-free trial today to see how can transform your business.


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