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More time, more money, and less worry with ACH payments and BILL

Pay vendors with ACH,
so you can set it and forget it

When you schedule payments in BILL, our system automatically sends ACH payments to any vendor you've set up for electronic payment. ACH setup requires no cancelled checks or paperwork, and when your vendors are among the millions of businesses paying and getting paid on the BILL network, connecting to them takes just a few clicks.

Get paid 2x faster, with confidence

BILL Accounts Receivable also helps you get paid faster without worrying about payment status. Set up recurring payments, or accept one-time payment. Allow customers to auto-pay your invoices, or set up auto-reminders so you don’t have to keep following up. Payments are automatically applied to your invoices, automating and streamlining your process, speeding up time to payment delivery, and reducing your stress.

Affordable ACH pricing and Pay Faster options

Unlike other payments platforms that charge a percentage-based transaction fee, BILL customers pay flat fees for their ACH transactions.

On larger ACH payments, percentage rate fees can skyrocket and become a significant expense. BILL customers pay only a low fixed fee per transaction, whether they're paying or receiving.

Sometimes businesses forget to pay a bill, or prefer to hold on to cash longer. BILL can offer eligible customers access to Same Day or Next Day ACH for payments up to $25,000.

Please refer to our pricing page for fee details.

Robust ACH capabilities inside a powerful billing platform

Most online banking platforms offer ACH capabilities, but the lack of integration with key work flows results in lots of manual work—especially for businesses with more than a handful of payments each month.

BILL fully automates ACH payments in your payables and receivables processes, including invoice intake and storage and approvals routing. Data integrations and two-way sync with major accounting software solutions make it easy to bring payments information in as one lump-sum entry, instead of individual payments.

Here's how ACH works on the BILL AP/AR platform

  • Decide which vendor you want to pay electronically
  • Search for the vendor in BILL and connect,
    or invite them to join the network
  • Initiate a payment to your vendor
  • BILL debits your bank account on the process date
  • Then, BILL waits 2–3 days for the settlement of the debit
  • BILL receives your funds, then credits your vendor’s bank account
  • Your vendor is successfully paid—hooray!

Millions pay and get paid with BILL

Try ACH payment processing for your business now!

"Utilizing ACH payments through BILL makes our processes very efficient, and most importantly, secure."



Frequently Asked Questions

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a federally regulated network of financial transactions. ACH payments are electronic payments that go through the network; the network directs the money from one bank account to another through a secure system.

Making payments using the ACH network is less expensive and more efficient for both merchants and consumers because they are automated (compared to a manual process like checks). Although awareness of the term ‘ACH’ is still low, usage of the method is more widespread than you might think. Common usages of ACH include direct deposit for salaries and tax refunds, and direct bill pay. Learn more about what ACH payments are.