Payment approvals

Simplify, accelerate, and control your payment approval process

Save time and gain more control by streamlining and customizing your AP approval groups and policies.

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Greater visibility and control over the entire AP process

Track approvals every step of the way

Check approval status anytime and send reminders with the touch of a button.

Maintain separation of duties

Control which bills need approval, by whom, and when approvals are due.

Increase fraud protection

Require a second approval with dual control1 to minimize fraud and errors.

Payments approved 2-3x faster

No more manual payment approvals

Request and accept approvals electronically instead of chasing down physical signatures.

Automatic routing

Send the right invoices to the right people, at the right time.

Approvals on the go

Verify and accept approvals digitally using the mobile app—anywhere, anytime.

Custom approval policies that fit your business

Customize groups

Easily designate approval group members and associated responsibilities.

Tailor specific policies

Set up custom policies2 based on required approvers, dollar amounts, and more.

Businesses recognize the benefits of streamlined approvals

“With BILL's automated scheduling and approval features, we're saving at least one or two full time
salaries every year.” - Lori Brown, SVP and corporate controller, Merchant e-Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Available in Enterprise plan
2 Features may vary under different plans