BILL digital B2B payments

Fast. Easy. Secure. That's payments with BILL.

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Speed up payments

One-stop-shop for payments

Choose payment method, pay bills, track payment info—all on one platform.

Save time

Sync with your accounting software to reduce manual data entry and accelerate reconciliation.

Faster payments

Better control cash flow with options for same-day and next-day payments.

Payments on the go

Manage payables from anywhere with secure cloud-based payments and mobile access.

Payments under control

Protect your payments

Your payments are safe, thanks to advanced security tools and compliance protections.

Reduce risk

Secure digital payments eliminate the risk of check fraud and paper check theft.

Track payments

See updates at every step of the payables process, with an audit trail for each payment.

Better manage approvals

Customize workflows to streamline approvals and get payments approved 2-3x faster.

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