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Ijaz & Associates Increases the Firm’s Revenue per Professional by 25% with

Ahsan Ijaz, CEO of Ijaz & Associates, explains how his firm uses to improve efficiency, gain new business and grow client accounts.
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Tell us about your firm and what makes you unique.

We think of the client first. We hire great staff, emphasize training and implement technology to make our clients’ lives (and our lives) easier.

How do you use

We require our clients to use, and it is the first internal training new hires take with us. eliminates manual AP processes and provides better transparency. It speeds up audits as it makes the disbursement testing a lot faster for auditors. It saves everyone a lot of time and provides more value while doing so. It also standardizes processes for the firm. If an employee is on vacation, it’s easy to slot someone in to take their place.

How have clients responded to

All of our clients love If a client isn’t already on, that’s the first upgrade we implement. It builds trust in our judgment since we’re recommending a great product.

What is your ROI?

For most clients, we’ve seen them reclaim anywhere from 10-15% of their time. For a VP of Finance earning $100K, that’s $10K-$15K in savings.

Implementing has allowed the firm’s staff to handle more work and increase the firm’s revenue per professional by at least 25%. New clients this year alone amount to $250K. We earn up to 15% more in revenue per existing clients by offering AP services with For AR, our clients collect payments in a week (or less) instead of a month, which is cash flow gold.

What tips would you give practitioners? is the way of the future. It’s a requirement for any finance office.

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